Preparing your pup for their first trip to the vet


In episode three of his puppy video series, Adem Fehmi from Dog-ease talks us through the three areas to cover when training your dog in preparation for the first visit to the vet.

First on the list is handling; “it’s really important to get our dogs used to being handled,” explains Adem, “remember, we’re making the unnatural natural.” Before you get to the vet, make sure your pup is comfortable and relaxed with different types of handling. By practicing this whilst they are calm, you are making the actions feel natural. This means that your pup is more likely to be comfortable with the vet using the same handling methods to check them over.

The second top tip is to teach your puppy movements or positions that might be useful whilst at the vet. For example, getting the used to lying on their sides is a great way to make giving them ear drops easier and a calmer for everyone!

Adem’s third training tip is to get them used to items that they might encounter. “What’s important here is that we have positive associations with these items,” Adem explains. Objects such as nail clippers and different surfaces are a great place to start. For a more in depth look at getting your dog used to novel stimuli, take a look at episode one of Adem’s series here.

Even more essential tips and details on how to get started with your vet prep can be found in the video below!

By Helena Young, DogFest Team

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