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Have-A-Go Activities

If you want to put an enormous smile on your face, head to the have-a-go activities! It’s great fun watching your dog learn something new and most dogs love the challenge too. Taking part in a sport will keep your dog in tip-top shape so speak with the experts to see if there’s a local club you could sign up to.


Hay Bale Racing

Dogs are timed as they jump over a series of hay bales, cheered on by you as they race to the finish line. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest times of the day, plus some extra treats for the funniest runs too!

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Dog Diving

A great game for dogs that love jumping into water, dog diving is one of the most popular activities at the show. It’s hilarious watching the daring dogs splash into the pool, encouraged by the cheers of the audience. Places are first-come, first-served so be quick!**



Obedience Challenge

It’s time to find out if your dog has what it takes after all the time you have spent teaching the basic commands! Dogs will be timed going round a course as they sit, stand, lie down, high five/paw, stay and come! There will be prizes for the fastest round and the most obedient dogs!



Our team of experts will guide you and your dog as they leap over hurdles, towards a box that releases a tennis ball for your dog to catch as they land on the spring-loaded pad. This activity is carried out one-on-one and a step at a time to give you all the support you need.**

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Temptation Alley

Your chance to test your dog's resolve in our Temptation Alley game, where dogs are enticed by treats and toys as they head down the course. The aim of the game is for them to avoid temptation and get to you at the finish line without stopping for the goodies on offer along the way! 

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Fido’s Lido

Most dogs love nothing more than to take a quick dip on a hot summers’ day to cool off.  Fido’s Lido provides just that with paddling pools especially for dogs.  Humans can relax and enjoy themselves too as the area is kitted out with deck chairs, parasols and refreshments.



Agility is run by the Guild of Dog Trainers and the course is equipped with jumps, tunnels, pole weaves and A-frames for your dog to run through, jump over or run up and down! The team are experienced handlers and will help novices learn how to approach each obstacle correctly and safely.**  

**these activities will have a cost on the day.

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