Earth Animal

Dedicated to caring for animals, people, and the earth, Earth Animal believes in a more natural, loving way of nurturing the life of our pets by making the highest quality products, and still always considering the social and environmental impact of everything we do.

We’ve been joined by Earth Animal on their summer-long tour across the UK, delivering delicious FREE chews to our four-legged friends! The No-Hide® Chew is a healthy, digestible, and delicious alternative to rawhide, made with only six simple, natural ingredients and one flavour-bursting protein. But that’s not all! Swing by their wagon and be prepared to enter a world full of joy, with a ‘pup up’ cinema, ‘Wag-On-Ometer’ sniff test, and other joyous experiences. Get your phones at the ready, follow @EarthAnimalUK on Instagram, and enter their competition to win a year’s supply of No-Hides (plus other goodies!) by sharing a picture of your dog happily chewing with the #ChewsJoy hashtag. Get ready to Get Your Wag On!

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