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Dogs with Jobs

Dogs with Jobs is one of DogFest’s most popular attractions; an area dedicated to remarkable dogs who work for a living!

With their superior sense of smell and people-pleasing disposition, many dogs have learned the skills that make them valuable members of the workforce. Benefits for the dogs include an outlet to keep healthy, active, stimulated, as well as giving their self-esteem an important boost.

At the show you will have the opportunity to meet a whole host of extraordinarily hard-working dogs; gain full insight into their work and learn more about how they are trained Some of the organisations appearing at DogFest 2018 include:

Search Dogs Buckinghamshire

The amazing pooches at Search Dogs Buckinghamshire assist local police forces in their search for missing and vulnerable people. Highly trained to search for the human scent, the dogs are very effective when searching rural areas and woodland, being able to cover large areas of ground very quickly. All dogs work with a handler, and the ultimate goal of the team is to locate the missing person and reunite them with their family.

Medical Detection Dogs

The dogs in the Medical Detection Dogs team are trained to detect the odour of a range of life-threatening human diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and malaria. 

The charity also trains dogs to assist individuals with long-term illnesses and life-threatening conditions such as diabetes. The dogs are trained to detect changes in their partner’s blood sugar levels and alert them to take insulin or eat sugar. The amazing dogs give the humans they are partnered with greater independence and improve their lives immeasurably.

Essex Fire Brigade

The dogs on the team at the Essex Fire Brigade are trained to detect the scent of live casualties in a fire and carry out searches through rubble looking for signs of life. As a result, the dogs have the ability to save lives; the dogs will indicate that they have found a casualty by barking and can quickly indicate signs of life so firefighters can target their efforts where they are most needed. Typically, their training starts from their selection as puppies and takes about 18 months. 

Autism Dogs CIC

As many as 1 in 59 children are now being diagnosed as autistic in the UK. Autism Dogs CIC is a local not for profit community interest company that train Autism Assistance Dogs that help to improve the lives of autistic children and adults.

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