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Aly and Rolo

Aly has always been a huge fan of Natural Instinct and the team were thrilled to be able to help Aly and her chocolate Labrador Sage.  Sage helped to raise thousands of pounds for charities including Labrador Lifeline, a charity Natural Instinct continue to support.

In 2015 at DogFest South, Natural Instinct’s acting MD Michelle Machin-Jefferies together with huge Natural Instinct fan, Ulrika Jonsson were delighted to present to Aly and Sage the “Dogs Monthly Unsung Heroes Award”.

Sadly on 20th July 2016 Sage passed away…..

Two days later Aly was approached by a friend of a friend who had heard the news about Sage and were in the process of trying to re-home their own chocolate Labrador, Rolo,  due to a change in their personal circumstances.

Initially, Aly said no, it seemed just too soon but Aly being Aly kindly offered to help them find a suitable home with her contacts at Labrador Lifeline Trust.

Then Aly actually met Rolo ….. the biggest chocolate Labrador she had ever seen and it was love at first sight!  A lovely natured chocolate Labrador, but morbidly obese.   Her first thought was “Rolo you’re going on a diet”.

He struggled to walk very far, he couldn’t run, he was a heart attack waiting to happen and she really feared for him.  The following day she took him to meet the team at Natural Instinct for their expert help and advice.  Rolo was given a low fat diet consisting of Natural Instinct’s “Special Diet”.  Next stop the Vets!

Rolo weighed in at 50 kilos and a diet was a must.  From then on Rolo must have thought he was in a dog borstal as his diet and regular exercise commenced!

It didn’t take long for Rolo to became part of the family, he seemed happy with his new exercise regime and especially his new raw food.  The weight soon started to come off and every week he visited Natural Instinct to get weighed.

Once Rolo had settled into this new home and had lost some weight it was decided that it was a good time to get him castrated.  At the same time the vet took x-rays of his hips as his previous records had shown suspected hip dysplasia and this needed to be ruled out for insurance purposes.

Unfortunately the x-rays showed Rolo had severe hip dysplasia and the vet said it was amazing he could still walk and that he was probably in pain.

Rolo was referred to Fitzpatrick’s Referrals and they advised that Rolo was an ideal candidate for a hip replacement.  But, he needed two at the cost of £12,000 and unfortunately Rolo wasn’t insured for this treatment as it had been a pre-existing condition.

However, friends and supporters rallied around and somehow within weeks they had raised enough money for the first hip operation.

It was more important than ever to get control of Rolo’s weight. He had done so well, but still a long road ahead.

The first hip operation was a huge success but the staff at Fitzpatrick Referrals were concerned for the other hip as it seemed to be holding him back.

So just 3 months later Rolo was back having the second hip replaced.

Rolo is now recovering and doing really well.  He has weekly physiotherapy, laser therapy and hydrotherapy.

Rolo remains on Natural Instinct’s Special Diet and now weighs 36.7kgs!

He is allowed some yummy Natural Instinct treats now and then such as Liver Treats, Beef Jerky and Whitebait and he still enjoys the odd raw carrot.

Rolo, in just 8 months, is a completely different dog.  He looks amazing and is so happy – his tail never stops wagging – the tail of mass destruction!

His skin and his coat have never looked so good.  Aly would never think about feeding him anything other than Natural Instinct.

“I feel so proud to take him out & he is joy to be with.” Aly


16th – 17th June 2018, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire
23rd – 24th June 2018, Ashton Court, Bristol
7th – 8th July 2018, Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

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