My Family Vets

Who are we? 

We operate individually, and together. 

Our practices are run independently, each one operating at the heart of their community. Collectively, they come together to form My Family Vets. 

As a nationwide network, we adhere to the highest safety & hygiene standards, and are able to provide the very best care for pets and their owners.

Putting care into practice

Our mission is simple: to help you help your pet, however we can. 

When you visit us in practice, you’ll find friendly and helpful staff, facilities to keep the little ones busy, passionate vets who put their love of animals at the forefront of everything they do, plus clarity and innovation when it comes to paying the bill. 

Pet advice, backed by experts

We’re here for you online too! 

All of our pet advice is approved by UK veterinary professionals, so you can rest assured that it’s reliable and up to date. 

Vet approved products

In 2020 we launched our online shop. We’re now able to support practices and clients online 24/7. Practices can stock up on popular products and clients can have their pet’s favourite products delivered straight to their door. Our shop has a wide range of products, including Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, VetSoothe and Vetpro. 

Our Pet Health Club members also receive discount on food and pet products online. 

Passionate about pets

We understand why vets and nurses become vets and nurses in the first place – for the love of pets!

When you enter a My Family Vets Approved practice, you can expect happy staff who not only love what they do, but are passionate about why they do it.

Find your nearest MY Family Vets practice today.

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