Different Dog

At Different Dog we love dogs, really love them. Nothing gives us more joy than a wet nose and a wagging tail. But we're worried, worried that many of our country’s dogs aren't getting a healthy diet. Their food is the same day in, day out, with a shelf life that is measured in years and doesn't even need to go in the fridge. 

We think dogs deserve better. So we decided to do something about it.  We started to cook for our dog Crumble, then her friends, and now we hand cook recipes for dogs all over the country!  Every week our chefs prepare a variety of delicious recipes, cooked with fresh natural ingredients (we take the leftovers home) and deliver them to your door. We work with our vet and nutritionist to make sure that every meal is nutritionally balanced and our very own different dog, Crumble, gives them the wag of approval.  


We like to be different, so this summer we are thrilled to be taking our kitchen on tour with DogFest, bringing our tail-waggingly tasty food to you! Your pup can try any of our delicious recipes; Chicken Casserole, Turkey Fricassee, Lamb Hotpot and Braised Beef, and choose what they fancy for lunch! The two legged members of the family can enjoy our live cooking demonstrations. Our chefs will be cooking throughout the day, showing you exactly how we cook up our tasty meals. Our team will be there to chat all things Different Dog and show you how you can join us on our journey to make dogs happier and healthier. 


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