Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns Pet Nutrition is super excited to set up a dedicated Health and Nutrition Hub at DogFest 2021. The Burns team of expert nutritional advisors will be on hand to give advice about a variety of topics including doggy diets, pup sensitivities and common problems such as fussy eating, weight issues and sensitive digestion.

The team at Burns is made up of experienced nutritional advisors and pet experts who provide free advice to pet parents through their online platform and free helpline. The team have used their experience and knowledge to help thousands of owners and their pets live happier and healthier lives, believing that good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. 

With a team like this, it’s no wonder that Burns was the first pet food brand in the UK to introduce healthy food without any nasty chemicals or harsh preservatives. Burns was originally developed almost thirty years ago by veterinary surgeon, John Burns, and since then, the company has sold over 2 billion bowls worldwide.

In all this time, Burns hasn’t let up on their philosophy of good food for good pet health and happiness. They use only the finest, most wholesome ingredients in their food, such as healthy chicken and brown rice, and never compromise on quality or taste. This philosophy has given Burns a fantastic reputation among pet owners, and resulted in several awards, including a 92% score in the latest Which? consumer poll of best pet foods.

Burns Pet Nutrition will be making a special appearance at DogFest this year with their first ever health and nutrition hub. The expert team of Burns nutritional advisers will be on hand at DogFest to answer any questions pet owners might have about diet and nutrition. What’s more, you can win a massive ONE YEAR SUPPLY of BURNS PET FOOD with a special competition for paw parents who visit the nutrition hub over the weekend. Stop by to meet the team, and find out why Burns is the brand of choice for happy, healthy pets everywhere.


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