About DogFest

Welcome to DogFest 

An event where you can treat your dog to the best dog’s day out EVER. We know your dog is part of the family, so we have created an event the WHOLE family can enjoy! Dogs, kids and adults all love DogFest, there is something for everyone.Where on earth would any dog or anyone who loves a dog rather be?

Our History

When it all began in a field in 2013, behind Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s practice Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey, we wanted to create an event where everyone who loves dogs could be amongst like-minded people. At its core, the heart of DogFest has always been about the unconditional love shared between human and dog.

Over the years, DogFest has grown in leaps and bounds to become an amazing weekend event for people across the country to enjoy.

Our Community 

We believe dogs make us the very best we can be. DogFest is a place where people who share similar ideals can come together. Our community is made up of good, animal loving people who share a mutual love and appreciation of dogs.


Our Mission

We bring together a community of dog lovers from across the country, to celebrate and rejoice in the bond shared between dogs and people. 2022 will host the 8th edition and the first year we hold SEVEN festivals. Our mission is to continue the celebration of dogs for many years to come.


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