Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor are only too aware about pet owners' needs and how often you need to clean up the muddy paw prints from a good walk out! Whether you go out adventuring or if you are simply playing in the garden, Rug Doctor has everything you need for your pet.

Our pet safe products can clean up everything from new puppy mistakes to dog hair in your car and bring everything back to looking new! Rug Doctor have been keeping homes clean for decades and whether you own, hire or use the associated products we have been a firm fixture of everyday life.

We are well known for our carpet care products, but this is not just what we do - our Pet PSC is the perfect machine to clean up after your furry friend and also your furniture and car too. You can hire a Rug Doctor machine from outlets across the UK from major DIY chains and selected stores or you can purchase machines and products directly from our website. 

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