What Pet Owners Want From Their Insurance

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Bought By Many was founded by a team who left traditional financial service companies because they knew they could offer consumers a better experience.

They received more than 40,000 comments from pet owners telling them how pet insurance needed to be fixed. They also looked at millions of anonymous online searches to see the things pet owners were looking for but insurance companies weren’t offering.

Using this data they designed the cover and service pet owners want. Visit their site to see all their unique policies.

They found many dog owners felt trapped on policies that increased in price each year but they couldn’t leave because their pet had a medical condition.

When dogs have a pre-existing condition insurers will refuse to cover it. If a dog develops a condition while they have cover insurers will pay for treatment but another insurer will not so the owner won’t be able to switch companies if their premiums get too high and continue to receive cover for that condition.

If your pet has had a condition in the past, Bought By Many can cover it under the UK’s first Pre-existing pet insurance policy. As long as your dog hasn’t had treatment or advice for a condition in the 3 months before your policy starts they offer £500 of cover for that condition in the first year of your policy and £1,000 in the second year if you haven’t claimed. If you don’t need to claim during both years the condition will be covered for the £7,000 of vet fees all new conditions on the policy can receive.

There are plenty more features Bought By Many included that pet owners asked for: a no-excess option so you don’t have to a proportion of a claim, online claims, easier to understand policy documents and higher cover levels for theft.

It also found some dog owners avoided insurance because they didn’t think it was good value if they paid for a year’s premium but didn’t need to claim.

Bought By Many understands this concern but believes insurance can help owners pay for expensive treatment they might not be able to afford on their own. No-one likes to pay for a service and not use it so they created the MoneyBack policy that gives owners 20% back if they don’t need to claim in a policy year.

One of the most common issues pet owners raised was huge price increases as their pets got older.

With Bought By Many’s Fixed For Life cover, you can fix the price of your cover for the life of your pet. You just need to buy it before your pet turns two.

Bought By Many will be at all DogFest events so make sure you say hello or visit their site to learn more.

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