Top tips to keep your fur baby hydrated, healthy and happy


We all know that keeping your pooch hydrated is vital to their health and happiness, but did you know that dehydration can actually be fatal to your Furr Baby? 

Try these simple tips and tricks from Furr Boost founder Louise Toal to up your dog’s daily water intake…


Provide more water bowls 

Placing plenty of water bowls around the house and garden is one of the easiest ways to encourage your four-legged friend to drink more. By simply making water available in every room your dog won’t have to go far for a drink, so even the laziest of pooches will be tempted to take a sip. 

Choose an area free from distractions with little human traffic and consider placement of the bowl - senior or injured pooches might prefer their bowls elevated to avoid having to bend to take a drink. 

As all responsible paw-rents know, bowls should be kept clean and water refreshed regularly – after all, you wouldn’t want to drink stale water from a dirty glass either!  

Some fussy Furr Babies prefer drinking out of a certain type of container so try experimenting with different sizes and shapes, and test different materials like plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Many dogs even prefer running water, so consider investing in a doggy drinking fountain.


Tempt them with tasty treats

Just like us humans, dogs can get bored of drinking plain water, too! Adding flavoured water or liquid treats to your dog’s diet is a great way to get them to drink more.  

Try infusing water with low sodium chicken stock or dog-safe fruit, like blueberries, cucumber or oranges – just be sure to remove them from the water before serving to avoid a choking hazard! 

For a real treat with added health benefits, try a dog hydration drink like Furr Boost, made from 100% natural, human grade ingredients and packed with superfoods, vitamins and added oils from salmon, flaxseed and coconut. A favourite among even the fussiest of our four-legged friends, it’s available in three delicious doggy flavours – beef, broccoli and blueberry; chicken, butternut squash and cranberry; and pork, sweet potato and apple – so your dog will lap it up! 

Don’t forget drinks to go

Hydration while on the move is essential, even on short walks. Never leave home without a fresh water supply and drinking vessel - a collapsible water bowl or bowls with bottles attached are great options for providing fluids when you’re out and about. 

Ensure you make regular pit stops to offer your fur baby a quick drink – little and often is better than one big drink, or it may come straight back up! It goes without saying, don’t allow your dog to drink from stagnant water like puddles or ponds, as it may contain all kinds of hidden nasties and harmful bacteria or chemicals. 

As well as fresh water, tasty treats like Furr Boost, that top up hydration levels, are brilliant for encouraging your pooch to drink more while out and about. 

Designed with busy paw-rents in mind, Furr Boost comes in handy grab and go cartons with an easy tear opening, making them perfect for popping in your bag for short walks or long journeys.  

They’re also packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable Tetra Pak® cartons which minimise the use of plastic and impact on the environment, without compromising on quality.  


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