PitPat's Guide to Weight Management and Maintenance


RESIST THE EYES: Unlike humans, dogs can’t pick up a slice of cake after a hard day, or get tempted by a burger on a Friday. It’s you who is completely in control and giving into those cute looks will do them no favours. We’ve got some tips for when your dog is begging and giving you “the eyes”:

  • Play with your dog instead, engaging their brain to take their mind off food. They’ll love the extra time with you. Lay scent trails with their favourite toy or teach them a new trick.
  • Go for a walk. New smells and being outdoors is great fun for dogs.
  • Give them some fresh water. This can distract them from food and they’ll still feel like they’ve received something.

EXERCISE: This is great for you both, but don’t start too hard. Their joints and muscles won’t be used to high amounts of exercise. Little and often is better, so gradually build it up as you both get more confident. You can also use a dog activity monitor like PitPat to set daily goals and see how much exercise your dog is actually getting. When your whole family is involved in the weight loss programme, make sure everyone understands the importance of it. If the kids just wander round the block, this won’t be doing much to help your pup lose weight.

Anything’s achievable and it really is best to see this as quality time together, not a chore. Everyone wants to be healthier and happier, and there’s no better way than doing it with your dog.

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