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We’re Edgard & Cooper the pet food brand on a mission to make you, your pet and our planet to feel good. 

Our founders, Louis, Koen & Jurgen set up the company after they became frustrated at the lack of tasty healthy options available for their dogs – named Edgard and Cooper. Their aim was to create a product that was packed with high quality and easy to recognise ingredients, while treading as lightly on the planet as possible.

Kibble worth a nibble

Great taste comes from great ingredients. That’s why we pack our recipes with lots of fresh meat, nutritious offal, healthy fruit & wholesome veg – never meat meal! We know that kibbles cooked at a low temperature have a higher nutritional value which is why we carefully cut out our kibble shapes before gently baking them. This keeps the goodness in and makes them even tastier for our four-legged friends! 

Sustainability Superheroes 

We understand that the great outdoors that our pets love and thrive in, is under threat. (Did you know the pet food industry is responsible for 64 million tonnes of greenhouse gages every year?!*). With millions of dogs and cats on our planet, we as pet owners, have a huge impact on the environment and so, in keeping with our mission to be the most sustainable pet food brand, we recognise that we have a responsibility to do more in reducing our environmental impact. 

This is something we know many new dog owners are also concerned about. We conducted research earlier this year **, which revealed 79% considered the impact a dog would have on the planet before buying one. Sixty-seven percent said they made considered purchases to try to reduce the environmental impact of having a dog and 49% even thought their dog should only eat organic food. 

As a company that’s not afraid to lead the way, we have a history of pushing the boundaries of sustainable packaging. Most recently, our entire range has become fully recyclable thanks to the paper-based bags used for dry dog food, treats and dental products. Being plastic free and using water-soluble inks, they are easy to recycle with your normal paper recycling at home! We’re really proud to say that so far, our sustainable packaging mission has saved nearly 7.5 million petroleum based plastic bags from being in circulation across Europe.

Besides our packaging, we’re stepping up to do more for the planet. In 2019 we unveiled our Zero Pawprint Plan, a strategy set to make a positive impact on the planet. We have committed to making real, lasting changes of zero carbon, fully sustainable packing and 100% ethical sourcing all by 2025.  We’re also proud to be one of the world’s first pet food companies to commit to Science-Based Targets. Targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with the latest climate science which say we must limit global warming to well-below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and try really hard to limit to 1.5°C. 

Helping more dogs & cats in need 

In addition to all our great sustainability action, we take pride in doing business with a heart and donate 1% of sales to The Edgard & Cooper foundation - a standalone charitable entity set up to improve the lives of dogs and cats around the world. To date, we have donated over €160,000 to both the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka and most recently Mayhew International’s rabies eradication programme in Afghanistan. 

We recognise that we’re not perfect yet, but with many animals in need of care and with our planet under greater threat than ever before, we’re proud to offer products that allow you to live more sustainably without compromising on quality or taste. Learn more about our recipes, sustainability mission and Zero Pawprint Plan at  

Come and meet us at DogFest

We can’t wait to be at DogFest 2021! Make sure you come along to our stand to find out how you can at join the movement for better pet food that you your dog and our planet can feel good about. 



**Research conducted by 3Gem for Edgard & Cooper surveying 1,000 new dog owners and 1,000 long-term down owners between 18-55 years old from the UK. Research conducted in May 2021.

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