Puppy Academy

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Join Adem Fehmi, Dog Behaviourist and Trainer, over at the Puppy Academy to learn about all things Puppy! Each day Adem will be delivering two live demonstrations at 11am & 3pm, that will help you to understand how to not only communicate effectively with your puppy, but how to structure your puppy’s day to enrich their day, reduce potential unwanted behaviours, and make the most of your time together. After each live demonstration there will also be a chance to ask Adem any specific behaviour or training questions you might have about your own dog.

In between demonstrations, the Puppy Academy will also host a range of ‘have a go’ activities, with each activity being built around the principles of Adem’s approach to puppy training and socialisation. Wind down from an exciting day in the Chill Out Zone, test your pup and get the latest advice in Recall Alley (and pick a certificate!), continue your pups development in the Exploration Area, and see if they have the expertise to master our food dispensing toys; including a ball pit filled with treats!

Come along, have some fun, and take some ideas away with you to try at home!

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