With special guests

Noel Fitzpatrick
Clare Balding

Obedience Ring

Want to teach your dog everything they need to know in becoming the perfect pup?

Head to the Obedience Ring to learn an abundance of tips and tricks about training your dog. 

There will be some fabulous masterclasses with Dog Trainer and BGT Finalist, Lucy Heath. She will also be performing in the ring with her gorgeous pup Trip Hazard. 

Ever wanted to train your dog how to use props? Rachael Grylls, Dog Trainer from Devon Animal Training Acadamy, will be demonstrating with her famous Jack Russells who hold numerous Gunniess World Records. 

If your dog has a sensational snout, you won't want to miss Lynne Land who will teach you the foundations of scent work! 

The Obedience Challenge!

You can find out if your dog has what it takes after all the time you have spent teaching the basic commands! Dogs will be timed going around a course as they sit, lie down, paw, stay, come and walk on lead. 

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