Guinness World Records at DogFest South

Take on a Guinness World Records Challenge at the Ultimate Dogs Day Out

Joining us at DogFest South this year will be a team from Guinness World Records - including Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday, and Animals Editor, Adam Millward.   

They will be on the hunt for record-breaking pooches (and their owners). There will be five official record titles that you and your dog can try over the weekend, as part of their RECORD BARKERS stand:

  • Most treats balanced on a dog’s nose in 30 seconds (Saturday AND Sunday)
  • Most treats balanced on a human’s nose in 30 seconds (Saturday AND Sunday)
  • Most “sits” by a dog in one minute (Saturday AND Sunday)
  • Most alternate paws offered by a dog in 30 seconds (ONLY Saturday)
  • Most items caught by a dog in 30 seconds (ONLY Sunday)


Please download the guidlines prior to the show, so you can practise and make sure you are prepared for the official live attempts! 

If you can, please do bring along any documentation confirming your dog's date of birth (e.g., a log of their jabs as a puppy or microchip data) as we will need this evidence for the purposes of final approval if you do take on and successfully break a record (as per GWR's animal welfare policy, all our canine record holders must be AT LEAST ONE YEAR OLD). If it isn’t possible to bring documentation on the day, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to attempt the records, but final approval would be pending this evidence being supplied to GWR following the event.

Does your Great Dane or Irish wolfhound stand higher than any other? Or does your Basset hound have the longest ears? Perhaps you just want to demo an amazing trick you think could be worthy of a GWR title… Whatever doggy record you’d like to discuss, this is the perfect opportunity to drop by their stand and say hello.

(Please Note: GWR will not be able to approve ad-hoc records over the weekend, but can advise on how to get started with an application.)


You can also find Guinness World Records on the Live Stage!


All images supplied courtesy of Guinness World Records.

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