We at Hill’s are really excited to be part of DogFest Knebworth 2019.  Come and visit us and take part in our interactive experience for dog and cat fans with fun, educational activities to illustrate how life-long health starts with science.  See our “Cat House” and “Bark Park” and journey through your dog or cats life to learn about how nutrition can ensure they are happy and healthy.  In the “Bark Park” we have activities such as an age calculator to find out how old your dog is in human years and weighing scales to see if you feed them the correct amount of food.  In the “Cat House” a VR view finder allows cat lovers to see through the eyes of their cat.  You can also use our interactive digital weight tool to help identify whether you dog or cat are the ideal weight or our digital product selector to see which is the best Hill’s food for your furry friend.  Face painting for kids as dogs or cats and FREE samples of Hill’s puppy, adult or mature dog food and kitten, adult or mature cat food will also be available throughout the show.