Would you know how to help your canine companion in an emergency? Have you got a niggling question that you’ve always wanted an answer to? Do you want a free health check for your dog?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then be sure to pop along to see our friendly expert vets at DogFest! PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, has been a lifeline for sick and injured pets for over 100 years. They understand the enormous role pets play in owners’ lives and believe no-one should be denied a four-legged friend due to financial difficulties, and provide access to affordable veterinary care.

Be sure to head over to PDSA’s PetWise Village for expert advice on caring for your pooch. We’re running doggy first aid demos, so you’ll know how to save your best friend’s life in an emergency, and giving FREE health checks to your lovely dogs. Our vets and nurses are also on hand to answer any burning questions you have about your four-legged friend. 

Our devoted vet teams provide amazing life-saving care for the pets of people in need though our 48 Pet Hospitals, located UK-wide. As well as carrying out vital treatment, we improve pet wellbeing by preventing disease and helping owners to understand more about what their pets need to live healthy, happy lives. Many illnesses and injuries vets see every day could be prevented, which is why we’re so passionate about protecting our beloved pets. 

With no government funding, it’s thanks to the public’s generosity that we help millions of pets enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness – we’re on a mission to help the nation #GetPetWise. While there’s no doubt everyone adores their pets, it’s essential to help educate owners about animals’ welfare needs, so we can provide everything our furry friends need to live life to the full.

Find our more www.pdsa.org.uk

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