Are you tired of cleaning pet hair from your home? If you have pets, chances are you have to deal with the problem of pet hair everywhere. FURminator®, the Original deShedding tool brand is here to reassure you that those pesky clumps of loose pet hair that cling on to furniture, floors and clothing, do not have a place in your home.

FURminator® products are designed with innovative features to be more effective than ever in helping pet parents battle the problem of loose pet hair. Drawing on our deShedding expertise of over a decade, the signature FURminator® Undercoat deShedding tool continues to provide a comfortable and efficient way to remove loose hair from shedding up to 90%, when used at least 10 to 20 minutes per week

The FURminator® Undercoat deShedding tool is perfectly designed to make deshedding easy. The curved deShedding edge is perfect for comfort around the dogs body, and skin guard features gives you the confidence to use the FURminator desShedding tool with an even, gentle pressure and the FURejector® button and ergonomic handle allow simple one handed use.

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