Dog School at DogFest

All of us here at Dog School are so excited to see you and your pooches at DogFest 2022 - our tails haven’t stopped wagging! 

Our goal is to help you and your dog understand each other better by providing fun, effective and science-based training, and this year we’re bringing it to a DogFest near you. 

Get involved  

Get a real taste of Dog School by coming to visit us at the Dog School Arena. We’ll be running sessions throughout the day for you and your best (furry) pal. 

Our 15-minute bitesize training sessions will teach you and your dog some new skills. We have four fun-filled topics each day: 

Settle and Enrichment  

Learn how to keep your dog’s brain and body engaged with our enrichment advice. It can also help teach them the joys of chilling quietly.  

Join us to learn the value of enrichment and how it can give you a head-start in teaching your dog to settle.  

Get a head start in teaching your pup to settle

Recall and focus around dogs 

We all want our pups to come back to us when we call them, especially when they’re around other people and dogs.  

Come and learn our top recall tips and why a great recall is essential when meeting other dogs. 

Get a head start in teaching your pup recall

Loose Lead Walking  

We all want our pooches to walk nicely by our side on their lead, but sometimes, it doesn’t always feel easy to achieve.  

Learn the key steps of loose lead walking, and how to start you and your dog off on the right paw.   

Get a head start in teaching your pup to walk nicely here

Simplifying training – Magic marker words and a successful sit 

Have you always thought dog training seems a bit complicated? We simplify it down to a few basic steps, which you can use to teach your dog pretty much anything.   

Get a head start in mastering ‘sit’

All our wonderful  attendees will get their very own certificate to take pride of place on mantlepieces around the country. 

Understand your pooch 

You can also channel your inner Dr Dolittle and talk to the animals with our interactive dog body language game. Understanding body language is an amazing way to discover how your four-legged friend might be feeling, and how you can help them enjoy their lives even more.  

Our expert Coaches will be there to answer any questions you might have about dog training, Dog School, or anything else you fancy a chat about. We’d also absolutely love to meet your little pal too (please bring pictures if they can’t make it!).  

If your pooch can’t join you on the day, fear not, you can still come down and pick up some tips by watching some real-life training in action.   

We’ll also be running our very own Puppy Paw-sault Course. Here you can join one of our coaches for a 15-minute dedicated session on how to get to know your puppy’s secret skills. From confidence building to recall, lead walking to play – spend some time with one of our expert dog trainers to understand your pup like never before. 

Please note that all our arena sessions will be pre-booked on the day – just pop over to see us and we’ll sign you up. This will also allow us to check these sessions are right for you and your dog. You should also bring some of your little pal’s favourite treats as a reward for what is sure to be a very productive, fun and dog-filled day.  

Not only will we have all of the above on show, but we’ll be right next to the Dogs Trust Village where there will be countless amazing ways to learn more about the wonderful work we do, and to talk even more about all things dog. 

We can’t wait to see you and your pup at a DogFest near you.  

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