We heard your dog is awesome (and we know a thing or two about dogs).  You know what awesome dogs deserve?  A PitPat of course! 

What’s a PitPat, I hear you ask? Only the opportunity to get closer to your best bud than you thought possible.

It’s time to embrace all things PitPat.  When it comes to your dog, no more guesswork.  We got you.

See the breakdown of how much walking, running, playing and even pottering they’ve done each day, so you never need to wonder about whether they’ve had enough exercise.

Discover if they’re running rings around you on their walkies, and feel that sense of pride when they’ve hit their goals at the end of the day.

Keep track of their weight so you can make sure they're in tip top shape, and use the calories feature to decide if they’ve earned that extra treat.

And if your dog loves adventures, PitPat is ready for those too.  It’s lightweight, robust and 100% waterproof.  It even has a battery life of over a year so you can capture every moment.

There’s more to PitPat than you think!  Don’t believe us?  Give it a try and prove us wrong. 

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