Billy + Margot

Billy + Margot® was started by Marie Jones, a canine nutritionist. Marie’s much-loved Labrador Billy gave her the idea for Billy + Margot Iced Treats, ice-cream specially designed for dogs to enjoy.

Billy was a special Labrador, full of life and everlastingly sweet tooth…his favourite treat was ice-cream! He loved it, but as Marie knew it contained a whole list of ingredients that would play havoc with his digestive system.

Like many nurturing dog lovers, Marie hated depriving Billy of a delicious treat he really loved. She thought if you can buy special doggy treats, why not doggy ice cream too? With her training and background, the natural progression for Marie was to develop her own dog-friendly ‘ice-cream’. Packed with natural ingredients and with an emphasis on canine health and nutrition, resulting in a range of enticingly flavoured iced treats that Billy could relish as his own guilty pleasure, with all the guilt removed.

Sadly, Billy is no longer with us, but his little sister Margot has enthusiastically taken on the role of chief taster of our other products! We now have a full range of treats, wet dog food and we will be launching a new range very soon, so we can cater for all of your dog’s nutritional needs.

Billy + Margot® are very excited to be the Fun Dog Show sponsors at DogFest 2019.  We will be at all three events with our famous ice creams and more!

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