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Puppy Zone

If you have a puppy and are looking for advice and a chance to learn more about your new member of the family, the Puppy Zone, organised by Puppy School, is the perfect stop for you. 

Specially created to give puppies their very own place at Dogfest, the Puppy Zone gives you the perfect place to learn, play and rest with your puppy.

You will be in safe hands as the Puppy Zone will be run and staffed by Puppy School, the UK's leading network of highly-trained and professional puppy classes trainers.  Led by animal behaviour expert, Gwen Bailey, the Puppy School team of over 100 tutors around the UK train over 8,000 puppies and owners every year.


Puppy School offers 3 areas to entertain you and your puppy:

  • Train and Play: You will have a chance to learn whatever you want to teach your puppy, working on a one to one basis with a Puppy School tutor, or sometimes in a very small class with other pups.  Whether you want to teach your dog to learn how not to jump up, come when called, or how to play or retrieve come and visit and we will help you.  Book at slot early on the day with one of our Puppy School tutors to avoid missing out.
  • Move & Discover: Puppies will learn to negotiate lots of different types of obstacles, all safe but all with a slightly different challenge to help build their confidence and expand their horizons.  Puppy School staff will be on hand to help owners and puppies around the course and ensure they all have a successful, happy and interesting time.  
  • Chill & Learn: Puppies can relax in a covered area with their owners who can learn from various sources within the tent.  Puppy School tutors are on hand to assist and answer any questions.  


Please note: all puppies attending the show must be fully inoculated and protected.




  • No pre-booking available, so please book early on the day to avoid disappointment, as there is limited space in the classes and in the other two areas. 
  • All ages (up to 12 months) of puppies welcome although big'uns and little'uns will be kept separate to avoid scaring the young or small ones.  Please come to the entrance tent on the day to book in. Puppy School look forward to welcoming you.
  • Remember to bring a water dish and bottle, food for your puppy, and a piece of bedding for young puppies to help them settle down for naps throughout the day.  A young pup will tire quickly with all the excitement of the show so find a quiet spot frequently to let your puppy rest.

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